Month: August 2022

Here is the full Month: August 2022 archive from the Ethical Design Network. 

Book Review – Do Good Design

I consider myself an Ethical Designer, striving to apply my principles to my work. Many of your reading this probably are. Ethical design is a trendy topic, and thank goodness for that. However, this is not a new idea. In fact, many designers have been talking about...

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Ethical Persuasion

Persuasion is getting a bad rep: too often is associated with manipulation and considered incompatible with ethics. Is this really true, though? We often use persuasion in everyday life: I bet that last time you went out with family or friends, quite a bit of...

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#3 Your August ED Network Newsletter

With the summer holiday over for some of us, it's time to start looking towards the second half of 2022. Our (growing — whoop) Ethical Design Network is gearing up with some new initiatives — one being announced in this newsletter — and we're super excited to keep you...

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