The Ethical Design Network

About Us

 The Ethical Design Network (EDN) was founded on January 26 2022 by Trine Falbe. She wanted to create a space for digital professionals to help them share, discuss and self-educate about ethical design. EDN reached its first 100 members within 24 hours, and we are now 900 members and counting. The network is run by Trine Falbe, Tiziana d’Agostino, Maria Arango Kure, Jarijn Nijkamp, Raffaella Isidori and Lexi Namer. 

Share – Inspire – Empower

The mantra of the network is SHARE – INSPIRE – EMPOWER.
We SHARE our knowledge, our thoughts and our perspectives to INSPIRE one another and to EMPOWER our fellow professionals – and ourselves – to lead the way with ethical design.

About founder Trine Falbe

Trine is an ethical design expert who has worked with UX for 20 years. She is an international speaker and the co-author of The Ethical Design Handbook. She works with companies and individuals to help them grow their knowledge and skill on ethical design.

What is Ethical Design

There are a range of definitions to ethical design. The overarching principle is “do no harm”,
and in The Ethical Design Handbook, it is defined as

Growing businesses, products, and services from a principle of fairness and fundamental respect towards everyone involved

Trine Falbe, Kim Andersen & Martin Michael Frederiksen

The Ethical Design Handbook