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#1 – Th​​e Very First ED Network Newsletter!

Ethical Design Network

Ethical Design Network

The Ethical Design Network was launched on the 26th of January 2022. The original success criteria was to connect with 50 people who all shared an interest in ethical design.

We are now over 600.

And this newsletter goes out to over 400 people across the world.

Strength truly is in numbers, and it’s so encouraging to see the growing interest in ethical design 💚

This month’s newsletter is written by ED Network founder Trine Falbe.

FREE online event: Investing in ethical alternatives (27 May 2022)

On Wednesday 29th of June at 12.30PM to 1.30PM CET, the good folks from Simple Analytics will do a webinar in The Ethical Design Network about investing in ethical alternatives.

They will also talk about why it works to build ethical companies and on the privacy trends that we’re seeing spike.

This has happened especially after the announcement of various regulations that will make Google Analytics a bad choice very soon (we obviously think they’re a bad choice altogether!)

27th April 2022 | 12:30PM - 1:30 PM CET Ethical tools and data collection: A discussion on ethical data collection and the benefits of investing in ethical tools - with the founders of Simple Analytics. Share, Inspire & Empower

25% discount on online tickets: UX Nordic (24-26 August 2022)

UX Nordic is a sponsor of the Ethical Design Network, and they have generously offered a 25% discount on online tickets to the folks who receive our newsletter.
Mood picture with overlay text stating: use code UXNTF25 and get 25% discount on your online ticket. UX Nordic 24-26 August in Aarhus and online. The leading Hybrid UX Conference in the Nordics

Resources: Videos from The Time is Now! conference

On May 17+18 PublicSpaces in Amsterdam organised a conference called “The Time is Now!”

PublicSpaces mission is to support a digital ecosystem that operates on civic values rather than on models of surveillance capitalism controlled by big tech.

It is a unique coalition of public organisations in public media, cultural heritage, festivals, museums and education. They are working together to reclaim the Internet as a force for the common good and advocating a ‘new’ Internet that strengthens the public domain.

Image of a stage with speaker Ethan Zuckerman. Slide says: building the good web, Ethan Zuckerman, UMass Amherst, PublicSpaces - The time is now! May 18, 2022

Video recordings from the conference is now up on the website.
If you only have time to watch one talk, make sure to catch Ethan Zuckerman’s closing keynote on ‘The Good Web – Competing Visions for the Future of Social Media’. It’s fantastic!

Tools we love: The Digital Ethics Compass

Cropped image of the visualisation of the digital ethical compass
Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should. Does it?

Should we do it, just because we can?

From the Digital Ethics Compass website: “Almost daily, we are presented with stories or analyzes that point to digital downsides – bias, inequality, manipulation, and polarization.

As a society and as companies, we have the responsibility of ensuring that it is us, the humans, who control the technology – and not the other way around. And we can do just that.

Because there are people – designers, developers, programmers – behind the design of algorithms, automation, data management, and our online behavior and engagement with digital products.”

The Digital Ethics Compass is a tool to help companies make the right decisions from a design ethical standpoint.

It was developed by the Danish Design Center in collaboration with a range of Danish companies in various industries, and it includes a practical toolkit so use in workshops.

You can read more about The Digital Ethics Compass here and download the toolkit directly here

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Ethical Design Network

Ethical Design Network


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The Ethical Design Network (EDN) was founded on January 26 2022 by Trine Falbe. She wanted to create a space for digital professionals to help them share, discuss and self-educate about ethical design. We are a network for people interested in ethical design. We are here to share, inspire, and empower

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