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Ethical Design Network

Ethical Design Network

This was not meant to be a difficult newsletter to write.

I had scheduled myself to write it on the 4th of July, and it would be business as usual (as “usual” as it gets when this is only the second newsletter that we send out).

But that changed.

On the 3rd of July, late afternoon, a single shooter killed 3 people and severely injured 4 in a shopping mall in Copenhagen, the capitol of my country, Denmark. A 17 year old girl, a 17 year old boy and a 47 year old man lost their lives. 4 more are in danger of losing theirs. Many more lives will never be the same after yesterday.

It would be so easy to let oneself be consumed by hate, anger and hopelessness. We are a small country, and we very rarely have shootings like this, which I guess is also why it hits so much harder.

But I’m not going to let that happen today. The Ethical Design Network is a place where we prioritize the positive.

We choose hope 💚

So that is what I also choose today. There is always something to be hopeful for; to be grateful of. Some days it just takes more effort to spot. And today is one of those days.

Trine Falbe

Free e-book: Designing Hope

Cover of the book Designing Hope
“Designing Hope” by Jeremy D. Cherry is written to remind us that hope can be taught, and the powerful driver it can represent in our work.

It is a much needed hopeful voice in a world that is being taken over by fear and dehumanisation.

It is also a reminder of just how much we designers have the power to change for the better, if we choose to focus on the positives.

On hope.

A few quotes from the book:
“No one with a designer’s intent sets out to make something more difficult, complex, or convoluted, though these attributes can become unintended byproducts when pursuing improvement.

We must learn to channel this restlessness into betterment because it is also true that constant critique and analysis can become fertile ground for cynicism. This drive for better is beautiful. It can lead to innovation and reinvention. When we lean in a little closer, we realize this drive is hope.

It’s our job to generate hope not only in our processes, but also on behalf of those whom we are serving. Just as hopelessness can spread like wildfire, so too can hopefulness.”

“Designing Hope” is available for free in e-book formats 

Video from The ED Network June event: “Ethical Data Collection”

We recently had the pleasure to have Iron Brands and Adriaan van Rossum from Simple Analytics to join us for a talk about ethical data collection.

Some key takeaways:
– Use a tool that doesn’t collect personal information (i.e. no use of IP addresses). Simple Analytics is one, but there are several others tools out there.

– Deciding to use a tool that doesn’t collect data from IP-addresses means you most likely have to adjust your KPI’s.

– It takes a mindset change: instead of collecting everything (like Google Analytics does), and then scout for what you want to know, you must first ask the question “what do we want to know” – THEN collect the data.

Oh, and this: In the near term future, ethical data collection is no longer a “nice-to-have”.

Trine Falbe, Iron Brands and Adriaan van Rossum speaking to eachother in an online conference call
The recording of the event is freely available – watch the recording here

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You can buy your ticket here.

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